One of the best ways to strengthen your company is by hiring the right employee for each position. The right employee will benefit your company by increasing productivity, establishing a cohesive team environment and saving money on training. On the other hand, hiring the wrong employee can lead you down a path where coworker relationships are strained, productivity is decreased and more money needs to be spent on recruiting, hiring and training purposes.

Let’s review some tips that will help you recruit and hire top-notch employees for your company.

Create Accurate Job Descriptions

We can’t stress enough how important accurate job descriptions are. Each position should have a dedicated description complete with what roles the individual will need to fill as well as their qualifications, personality attributes and relevant experience. You may still get some applicants that are unqualified, but keeping updated job descriptions helps match you with the right people.

Post the Ad in Relevant Places

The Internet is the first place many people go when posting a job opening, but don’t overlook other avenues that can lead you to targeted groups of people such as local newspapers and industry publications. Also, hiring individuals from target groups may make your company eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Know What You’re Looking For

As you start receiving resumes, it’s important to know what you are looking for. Ask yourself what types of skills, qualifications and experience you want to see on the resumes so that you can finger through them quickly.

Create a List of Phone Questions

Create a list of questions to ask applicants so that you can efficiently eliminate those who aren’t qualified for the position and focus on those who are. Although it takes time to do initial phone interviews, it helps target the best candidates so only the most qualified are coming in for an interview.

Present an Assessment Tool

You can only tell so much about a person from what’s written on paper or spoken over the phone. This is where an assessment tool comes in handy. You can administer an assessment in person or online. The purpose is to get a better understanding of the candidate’s personality and behavioral traits such as how outgoing they are, whether they’re open to new ideas and how emotionally secure they are.

Schedule Interviews

By this point, your candidates have already been through three rounds of “cuts”: the resume, the phone interview and the assessment. You probably have a handful of great people to work with, but now it’s time to dig deeper and find “the one.” Keep your questions consistent so that every candidate receives a fair interview.

Select Your Candidate

The candidate may stick out to you, or you may be torn between several. Choose the applicant you feel matches the job description best and will fit in with your current team. Run a background check to identify any problems that were previously missed and make an offer.

Finding the right employee is beneficial for your company, your employees and your bottom line. But don’t overlook target groups such as those who are unemployed, on food stamps or ex-felons. These individuals may fit your qualifications and perform excellent work, and you can qualify for the WOTC.